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Gary Yerkes - Director of Technology & Secretary

Gary Yerkes, Director of Technology of VDL-5 Technologies Inc.

Gary Yerkes brings a rich variety of military as well as civilian engineering experience to VDL-5 Technologies. Gary started by receiving extensive electronic technical training while serving his country in the US Navy for 10 years during the seventies. After being specially selected to attend a new passive sonar training course, the Navy used Gary's sonar expertise to have him develop a new and more thorough training course. Gary spent his final Navy years conducting this training.

After landing a job with SAIT as a test technician, Gary worked his way up the technical/engineering ladder holding such positions as test/troubleshooting technician, project test lead and engineering tech. During his time at SAIT Gary completed a BS in Electronics which lead to participating in the development of the companies first ruggedized computer system. Upon completion of the computers design and testing, Gary was asked to lead the computer production team. At SAIT Gary participated in the software development of one of the army's first Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM) authoring system, named EMS2.

As part of the EMS team, Gary helped test new software, assisted in the design of the various user interfaces, authored material using various computer programs, and trained people in how to both develop in and use the new software. Being one of the most experienced partners, Gary Yerkes brings 37 years of technical defense experience to VDL-5 Technologies.

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